Sunday, 4 January 2015

Would You Rather

Directed By - David Guy Levy

Starring - Brittany Snow
Geoffrey Combs

When a young woman who takes care of her sick brother is told she can get enough money to pay for his treatment and fast track on the donor register by a very rich, but bored aristocrat she is unsure but ultimately agrees. When she gets there, she is horrified to learn she has agreed to a deadly game of would you rather. Winner gets everything they want and need while the losers face the ultimate penalty.

I'm not sure how i feel about this one. Overall it's OK I guess but generally it's predictable and a bit of a let down. When your cover shows a razor going into an eye is kinda false to then not show me the razor in the eye! The story is OK, it's plausible at least and it plods along at a decent pace. The host is of course charming and sinister and nothing short of a perfect Geoffrey Combs villain that lets face it, he couldn't really get it wrong! His son is a twat, I know he's not supposed to be likable but he's just a moron and doesn't do nothing for me. It'd be better off if the son character just simply wasn't there. The guests are sometimes likable and sometimes not but none of them are particularly deep or interesting and none made me sad that they had to die. That's the problem, give me something please! I want to feel something for the characters but they're just dull and void of any personality for the most part. Therefore when they do get zapped or hacked or shot or a razor in the eyeball, I just don't care. Brittany Snow plays her part well I guess but again I don't really care that much for her. I can see what they were trying to do and she is likable but I just didn't feel strongly enough about her.

The ending, for fucks sake make it interesting! Stop giving me the same predictable ending. As soon as I seen sick brother, sister risking all for him blah blah I knew the ending! And I'm not one of those who knows the ending to them all. I never guessed who Keyser Soze was, I certainly had no clue that that guy was already dead in that movie I won't spoil the ending for... But this twist wasn't so much a twist but an obligatory ending that would have shocked me more if that didn't actually go that way. But it did and that's why this movie doesn't do it for me. Too darn predictable, which is a shame because I really liked the premise.

In short, it's alright. Killed an hour and a half where I was supposed to be doing something else but nothing more.

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